Banishing Ritual


Morter & Pestle
Orris Root
4 black candles
4 white candles
Athame or Sword
Glass Vial


An easy to follow banishing ritual.

Spell Casting

Begin by doing a basic elemental purification. Begin with the element of water and work widdershins (beginning with water helps the negativity to ''flow'' away from you easier and widdershins to banish). Say anything that you feel will begin the banishing process. One the room has been cleansed, cast the circle, call the guardians, and invoke specifically Aradia and Cerrunos. Take the herbs, and empower them for protection and banishment. Now, place them into the morter, and grind them into a fine powder saying:

''By Earth and Air,
by fire and water,
I grind these herbs,
In the name of the father.
By Fire and Air,
by Earth and water,
I cleanse these herbs in the name of the mother!''

Repeat until they are ground into a fine powder. When this is done, hold your hands over the powder and say:

''By the name of the Great and powerful Aradia, and the name of the magnificent and strong Cerrunos, I hereby endow these herbs with the ability to banish all that is negative and unwelcome. May their blessings reside in thee for all time to come. So Mote It Be!''

Now pour the powder into the glass vial, and release the circle. now take the powder to the northern most corner of the room and pour a little bit in it. Moving widdershins, pour a little into every corner of the room until you return to the northern most corner. Now, take up your athame, point it at the sky, and say the pow-wow banishment chant below nine times, growing in volume every time.

''Evil begone, do not return,
the horses have run off, the bridges are burned!''

While saying this chant, move widdershins until the ninth time. At the last time saying it, open your door, blow three sharp breathes, point your athame at the opened door and scream:

*''Leave this property and never return lest ye be cast into the outer darkness!
Go, or be drowned in the watery abyss!
Go, or be burned by the flames!
Go , or be torn by the whirlwind!
By the powers of life, death, and rebirth,
I banish you, I banish you, I banish you! Begone!''

Feel your own power push the negativity out and far away.

*= Words adapted from Starhawk's ''The Spiral Dance''
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