Telekinetic Skills


Physic abilities, but not necessary


The ability of Telekinetic is moving any object on a physical plane with physic powers, but this is just training your Telekinesis skills.

Spell Casting

The first method of training is Becoming one with the object,

First, light the candle and stare at the flame focus on it focus on the inner flame not just the flame you see, then close your eyes and keep the inner flame in mind, visualize it growing shorting waving just doing crazy dancing stuff, practice 5 to 10 minutes a day.

The second method of training is Using Energy,

First, blow up the balloon then place on a floor with less friction linoleum is best, then sit comfortable and perform relaxed breathing clear your mind of all things, create a ball of energy and mentally push the ball into the balloon making it move without touching it.

The Final step of training is Bending,

First, grab utensil of any choice, hold it which is comfortable to you, sit relaxed and comfortable with relaxed breathing, empty mind of all thoughts focus on the utensil, Close your eyes and slowly rub the utensil get the feeling of it, feel the energy, the molecules and the atoms of it become one with it,with practice once you become with the utensil it shall bend on it's own,

these are steps to training your telekinesis abilities, but perform telekinesis takes years of practice.
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