Pillar Drive




This is a physical attack using ki.

Spell Casting

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Put your hand up so that your palm is facing the opponent. Take a stance so that your body resembles the letter "r". Bring ki up from your tan tien and store it in your wrist.

Visualize a sort of circular tunnel the size of your palm in your palm. Now push all the ki that was store through this circle so the ki takes the form of a pole. Make the pole hover horizontally in front of your palm.

Put your other hand up so the palm of that hand is facing the pole. Your hands should now be next to each other with your palms facing the pole. Program the pole to move with your hands by directing your thoughts through it. Move your hands round so the pole is verticle and move it above your targets head.

Slam your hands down really fast. The pole will slam down through the target's body and hurt.

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