Money Coin Cross


7 nickles
White rice
Powdered surgar
Fresh basil
2 red candles
2 green candles
Frankinscense oimatches
Mojo bag


A spell to increase the money flow.

Spell Casting

Spread a layer of raw white rice within a baking pan. Cover the rice with a layer of powdered sugar. Sprinkle some crumbled fresh basil leaves on top. Lay seven coins on top of the powder in the form of a cross. Dress two red and two green candles with any money drawing oil. Place one candle at each arm of the cross.

Burn the candles completely while visualizing your desire goal. Gather up nickels, some of the powder, sugar and rice, and any wax that may have formed. Place this all into a mojo bag. Wear this or keep it in your place, business or home to attract wealth.
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