Dream Message Spell


clear crystal glass of purified water
clean white sheets yarrow,wormwood or thyme
square of white silk


to send a message to a friend or family...

Spell Casting

Magick Dream Message Spell

If you've got to send someone an
important message they must listen
to, sending them a dream is one of
the best ways to do get your point

You can send them any message you

STEP 1: Determine the exact dream
that will be "transmitted" to them
in as much detail as possible.

STEP 2: At the new moon (waxing),
place a clear quartz crystal within
a glass of purified water, and leave
it on your window sill overnight
to absorb the moonlight.

STEP 3: On the next night, dress
your bed with clean white sheets
and sprinkle the lunar water
over them.

STEP 4: Place yarrow, wormwood,
or thyme inside a square of
white silk. (Surround the herb
with the silk by bunching it
up around it.)

STEP 5: Hold the herb packet in
your hand; visualize and concentrate
on all the details of the persion
for whom this dream is intended.

STEP 6: Place the packet within your
pillowcase. As you go to sleep,
visualize the dream you'd like to
send as if you were watching a


The person will receive your
message through a powerful
dream that night.

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