To Love Again


Small blue candle
Small red candle
Small white candle
Small pink candle
Big white candle
6 rose petals
Small bowl


If your heart is broken sing these words to gain your lost emotion back again.

Spell Casting

Slowly pour the water into the bowl and drop each petal one by one into it. Set the blue and white candle on the left side of the bowl (blue furthest from the bowl) and the red and pink one on the right (Pink last on the furthest side). Big candle goes behind the bowl.

Sing this song and light the candles in this order and do the actions in order too. "The bitter taste of tears I've cried (blue). The emptiness of love, divides (white). All this pain, I know not when (red). My broken heart will love again". Dip your finger in the water.

"I whisper now and sing so fair". Drop water from finger to put out one of the candles. "My last love seemed not to care". Put another candle out. "As the moon shines down on my despair". Put another candle out. "Please let me love again". 

Put away all ingredients when you are finished.
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