Door Protection Spell




This spell protects a door of your choice. It doesn't create a visable shield but makes your door less noticable to others and therefore make them more likely to pass it by.

Spell Casting

1. Sit by the door you want to protect and meditate for a few minutes. Clear your mind and focus on what you want the spell to do.
2. Pour the salt along the length of the door and chant the following:


"I call upon the elements four,
use your power to shield this door,
protect it from harm and any plight,
use your strength and all your might
hide it so none can see
this is my will, so mote it be."



Keep the salt at your door until you feel that it isn't needed.

I wrote this spell after several saturday nights having drunk people banging my front door on there way past. I always reverse the spell in the morning. use the following spell to reverse it.

Clear the salt as your chant:


"Elements unfold
take down your shield
and break my spell
all is well
as I will it,
so mote it be."



These spells have worked for me several times. If it works for you, mail me on this site and let me know.
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