Emergency Teleportation Spell


Fear for one's life
Power Object


This spell will teleport you away from immediate danger.

Spell Casting

NOTE: This spell will only truly work if you are in a dangerous circumstance. This is one of the harder spells to master, as you will need a clear mind to teleport to any destination but will also have to have proper fear as well. This spell is good to have on hand.

Grasp your Power Object and clear your mind. Imagine a quick picture of your destination, and whisper it out loud. Continue to whisper it out loud, and then begin to think of the consequences of staying in this location. Could you be harmed? Will you be mugged? etc.,etc.

When the fear for your life becomes apparent you may find yourself in the location you may not. This spell is hard to practice with as you'll need fear. It will work if you just believe it will.

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