Pain Ritual


A Picture
A Clear Visual Image
Something to Represent Your Enemy
One Black Candle
One Red Candle
One White Candle


Make your enemies feel your pain three fold.

Spell Casting

When the sun is gone, and night is about preform this spell.
Place the red candle in front of you, the black on to the left of you, and the white one on the right of you.. Place the object that represents your enemy in the middle.
Light the Candles while chanting:
"My Enemy shall feel my every pain." at each candle before you light it.

When the candles are lit, begin to think of negative energy flowing into your enemy. Image his very soul engulfs in black negative energy. Finally, image that all that energy finds rest on the outside of his skin. Pick up the picture and run it through each candle slowly while chanting:
"I bind you [INSERT NAME] to feel my every pain. Feel the pain of [VERY BAD MEMORY], feel it times three! So mote it be!"

Finally, take the rest of the picture and let it burn over the red candle until the ashes fall into the candle's wax.

Blow out the red, black, and then white candles.

You're victim can have any type of pain, from family loss, going in debt, or a bunch of other possibilities. Use with caution.

Don't forget to say thank you to your divine god/goddess!
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