Beautiful Appearance


potpourri (any type)
incense (any type)


This spell makes you appear more beautiful to everyone around you.

Spell Casting

You will either need potpourri or incense but not both. Choose a fragrance you enjoy. You will also require a picture of someone you find attractive, you may use as many pictures as you like, the more pictures you have, the better idea the spirits can get of what you believe is beautiful.

Start the potpourri or incense and place it near your feet, it doesn't have to actually be 'near' your feet, but you will end up laying down and to incense needs to be 'below' you, or in the general direction of your feet.

On your left put the pictures, on your right put the mirror and say the following spell:

Mirror, Mirror on my right,
Make my body a lovely sight;
Near my feet the smell does tell,
How I wish my self to smell;
And on my left the pictures show,
How I wish myself to glow.

The power of this spell increases if you are in a warm bath at the time. The more you repeat the spell, the more power it will have.
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