Bless a Brush to Quicken Hair Growth


One brush
One rose (any color)
A large bowl of water
Salt (Used for purification)
One Candle
A cup of earth
A feather
Olive oil
Objects to symbolize each of the elements when casting


Follow this ritual to bless a brush. Using this brush will help quicken the growth of your hair!

Spell Casting

First, cast your circle (If you do not know how to do this, then Google "How to cast a circle." It's pretty simple.) Make sure your circle is purified and then call in the elements. Now, please dip your hand in the olive oil and begin anointing your candle with it. As you anoint it, imagine your hair growing to your desired length. Do not skip this part. Visualization is vital in spell-casting.

When you have anointed all of the candle, light it. Then, take the bowl of water and sprinkle some salt in it, saying, "With this salt, I purify this water. May this water bless all it touches and may it fulfill my desires." Dip your hands in the water and sweep them over your hair, dampening it. Now, take the rose and hold it up, saying, "Oh, Goddess Aphrodite. Goddess of Beauty and Love, please help me to grow my hair to its desired length. Please bless me and this symbol with your infinite love, desire, and beauty."

Drop the rose into the water. You can either drop it in whole or you can take off the petals and sprinkle them in. Whatever works best for you is fine. When you are finished with this, pick up your cup of earth and pour it into the cup, mixing it diesel (clock-wise) with your power hand (whatever hand you write with). As you stir it, say, "May the Mother Goddess bless this water and bring to me the beauty that she has created on this earth. May she fulfill my desires."

Now, take the feather and drop it into the water. Say, "May the winds bless this water and bring to me all that I desire. Please, let my hair grow to its desired length." Next, take the candle and drop it into the water, letting the liquid put out its flame. Say, "Fire that burns with beauty and brightness, fulfill my desires and make my hair grow longer." Now, last but not least, drop the brush into the water while saying, "Let this brush absorb the energy of the elements and the blessings of the Goddesses. May my hair grow longer. As I will it, so mote it be."

Hold both of your hands over the mixture and imagine a light of energy pouring into the water, coming from your hands. You can summon this energy by imagining roots sprouting from your body and going into the earth, pulling the energy up and then traveling through your body and into the water. Your body will act as a vessel. Do this for a few minutes. After, pull out the brush and brush it through your hair as many times as you can. This process differs from person to person. Some might have to brush loner than others. Just brush as long as it feels right to.

After you have brushed your hair, sit it on your dresser and every night before bed until the moon is once again full, brush you hair with it. After the spell, close your circle and wash your hair with the remaining mixture. It will be muddy ad gross, but it will be worth it, I promise. Good luck casting your spell :)
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