Summon A Dragon


2 black candles
2 other candles (colour of element e.g. fire-red)


Summon a dragon of your choice

Spell Casting

Warning: You MUST cast at least one form of protective magic before you do this spell. It is extremely dangerous as it opens a beast gate (A gate to a dimension full of all the beasts you can imagine and more)

1: Place the black candles at north and south
2: Place the element colour candles at eats and west
Sit in the middle of the candle range.
Concentrate on locked gates. Imagine a key in your hand and chant:
"I have the key, I have the power,
The gates shall open at the (seventh) hour,
A dragon shall rise, and be my friend,
We shall both live until the end"

Seventh is in brackets because it is changeable. This is just when you want your dragon to come through. That is the time when you need the protection. This is also an immortality spell.
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