Double Action Money Spell


*For This Spell, You'll Need A Double-Action Candle That Is Black On One Half And Green On The Other Half.

*You'll Also Need A "Spiked" Candle Holder That Will That Will Stick Through The Candle To Hold It Horizontally.


This Spell Does 2 Things. It Sends Your Magick Energy Into The Universe To Attract Money In Life And It Sends Out "Banishing" Energy To Remove Poverty And Debt.

Spell Casting

Step1. Carve whatever you wish to lose on the black side of the candle. (Poverty, Debt, Etc.)

Step2. Carve what you need on the green side of the candle, be specific.

Step3. Trim the bottom of the candle if necessary, exposing the wick so that both ends may be lit.

Step4. Place the candle horizontally on the spiked candle holder.

Step5. Place both hands on the candle and visualize whatever you wish to lose, evaporating from your life. Then, visualize what you desire to materialize into your life. "See" what the end result is, and how your life will be.

Step6. Light both ends of the candle and let it burn for 1 hour.

Step7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 everyday until the candle burns out.


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