Loving Spirits Oil Ritual


Read The Instructions...


To Contact 3 Spirits That You Love...That Have Passed Away...

Spell Casting

Step1. Set up a basic altar.

Step2. Put on a meaningful song, one that almost moves you to tears when you hear it.

Step3. Turn off the lights, and use candles to illuminate the room.

Step4. Combine the essential oils of basil, frankincense, lavender, and myrrh.

Step5. Add some cut angelica root to the bottle.

Step6. Anoint 3 candles in your favourite colors with this oil.

Step7. Sit quietly for the next 10 minutes while the candles burn feel your emotions grow with the music you've selected.

Step8. While you are sitting, close your eyes and think, in detail, about three different people you miss the most. People that you love, that have passed away, people that love you, that only want the best for you. Think about as many details about them as you can, the way they had their hair, things they said to you, how they dressed, etc.

Step9. Feel them drawing near to you, cry if you feel like crying. Feel their energies fill your spirit, you might even hear their words, and feel their soft touch.

Step10. Snuff out the candles, open your circle, and watch the wonders unfold in the upcoming weeks.

Note: Do this when the sun is completely done.


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