Magickal Hex-Breaking Doll


2 pieces of red flannel
Any sharp plants like rose stems etc
White paper


This doll repels hexes, curses and any negative slung your way.

Spell Casting

Pin one piece of flannel atop the other. Draw a simple outline of a human body on the top piece to serve as a pattern. Cut out the 2 figures. Sew the 2 pieces of flannel together, leaving a small opening at the head. Do not add features or identifying information. This is NOT an attempt at sex, it's merely an anonymous return-to-sender, who ever or what ever the sender might be.

Stuff with sharp plants. Sew up the hole. Write "Return To Sender" on a tiny piece of paper and pin it to the poppet. Talk to the doll, charge it with it's mission. Take it to the trash can a distance from your home and throw it away, or leave it in the center of a four way crossroads, not too close to your home.
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