Youth and Longevity Potion Ritual


Read The Instructions...
Before You Do This Read This Whole Thing So You Know What To Do And What You Need...


This Is Kind Of Like A Beauty Spell At The Same Time A Life spell To Make You Live Longer...

Spell Casting

Step1. Use any hydrosol. (I'll explain in the end how to make hydrosol)

Step2. Before you bath, use a cotton ball to dab the hydrosol all over your face and body. As you do this, feel the confidence filling your soul. Visualize how beautiful you are inside and out...really feel it, and see yourself as someone desirable as a lover and a friend.

Step3. Mix the hydrosol with your bath water, use natural organic soap and as you soak imagine living a long and healthy life...all thw while retaining your inside and outside beauty...a full long and happy life.

Step4. Allow yourself to air dry as much as possible.

*How to make hydrosol:
You take any flowers you want and you boil it in a pot, but you starin the liquid keep it and throw away the flowers.


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