Mermaid Spell


*Water in a bathtub or the ocean
*A symbol (Neclace or Bracelet)
*A bunch of shells


Does NOT last forever!

Spell Casting

1. Get into your source of water
2. Put on you Symbol
3. Align the shells in a circle around you
4. Hold one of the shells in your hand
5. Say the spell:
"Eyes of the ocean look upon me. Give me a tail not two feet. Beauty upon me. My Necklace/Bracelet is the key to my power of the ocean. My legs return to me when dry. My tail upon me when wet."
6. Stay in the water for 5 more minutes
7. take the shells that surrounded you and take them with you.
8. Take the shell you were holding and whisper into it;
"I wish to be part of the ocean"
9. Then throw the shell as far as you can.
(if you are on land find a water source that leads to the ocean and throw it in.)
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