Anubis Scrying


Clear glass bowl
Black ink
Myrrh joss incense or oil
Statue of anubis
Single black candle


This spell summons the god Anubis to receive visions and psychic visions.

Spell Casting

Fill the bowl with water. Light the incense or oil and place the statue of Anubis on your altar. Place a lit candle in front of it. Relax for a few moments, focusing on your breathing. Then say the following incantation as you pour ink into the water:

"Hail to Anubis, master of the secrets of earth, heaven and the underworld. Give me clear visions, so that I may see what is unseen. Bless and guard me, and help keep my path always true".

Remain with your eyes shut in a relaxed position and allow any visual images that may come to pass. Once finished, snuff out the candles and thank Anubis.
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