Day of Anarchy


1 candle
1 sharp object
1 artifact that signefies the person you are cursing
1 source of fire
1 cloth


This spell causes someone to have a terrible day that is chaotic and painful.

Spell Casting

Light the candle and let the wax turn to liquid. Say the victim's name as you singe the artifact. Blow the candle out and dip the artificat in wax. As you do so, chant: "By Ares might, you shall burn"

Take the artifact out and let the wax dry. Pick up the sharp object and stab the artifact with it. As you do so, chant: "By Ashura's wrath, you shall feel pain".

Now, wrap the artifact in the cloth. Place it in the freezer. As you do so, chant: "By Satan's mercy, you shall freeze".
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