A staff
A small breeze


A spell made by me to call forth the speed of the wind itself.

Spell Casting

"Wind, I call forth thee.
Your speed and grace, to be mine.
Not forever, I do tell."

Hold up your staff.

"There is a time, when I must plea.
This is that time."

Shove your staff in the ground, do not break it however.

"Now the time has come, please wind, here me out.
Please, grant me your agile ways.
Make me, the grace, that is your soul.
Give me the speed, that is your body.
Let me be the mind, that will be you."

Take your staff out.

"Oh wind of the mighty ones, give me your agility.
Your soul so pure.
Your heart so clean.
Your mind that is me.
Let this be a milestone, as no other.
For you and I shall be one.
Your speed.
My mind.
Both as one."

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