Apple of Aphrodite


Red/white candle


A love spell calling forth the attracting powers of the apple and Aphrodite.

Spell Casting

Cast a magick circle and dedicate it to aphrodite by lighting the candle and chanting, "Goddess of love and light. Please listen close, hear my prayers tonight. I give this circle to thee. As I will it, so mote it be".

Cut the apple in half and, as you focus on the person, say: "One for you, one for me. Juidice of love unite us tonight, three times three". Now hold the apple over the candle and chant: "Passion's flames. Fortune and flame, burn bright tonight. Send him/her my light".

Finally, bite into the apple and say: "I taste your love, and you'll taste mine. We'll be together for all time". Give the other part of the apple to your beloved and have them eat it.
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