One lavender-scented pillar candle any size
Matches or lighter
One white candle 6-8"/15-20cm in length
One pliable whip of whillow of length to fit over a person
One 36"/90cm in length of strong twine


A spell to aid you and protect you while sleeping, causing a better future.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle. Light the lavender scented candle and carry it around the space to scent it. Light the white candle while saying, "the purity of light - guide the way to gentle sleep. Hence may I be known, for the peace that I keep".

Bend the willow into a hoop and fasten it family using the strong twine. Then fasten the camomile and lavender onto it. Hold up the hoop verticalled before the white candle while saying, "Through this candle I will pass on the road, morpheus, so my spell for sleep is blessed". Pass the hoop over your entire body.

Hang the hoop over your bed.
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