Protection Spell (spell bible)


1 red candle or 1 black one each 6-8"/15-20cm in length
lighter or matches
1 sprig of white heather
1 sprig of thyme
one 9"/22.5 cm length natural twine
one ball of asorbant cotten
one sourcer of water
1 twist of aluminum foil


This spell is to fend of all evil and uninvited attentions

Spell Casting

1. cast a circle

2. light the candle and say Mars/Saturn , you are honoured here
let no enemy near, whose notice I fear

3. Bind the heather and thymes stems together with twyne . Dip the asorbant cotton in the water and squeeze it outthen apply yo its roots of thyme and heather. Cover the asorbant with foil

4. hold the corsage before the candle flame, visualising the person(s) you wish to avoid passing you by, as if they been repelled.

5. Repeat the following incantation nine times over the corsage:

6. wear the herb corsage on your lapel until it dies off; then dry the herbs and crumble them into an open fire to seal the spell
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