Wish Come True Spell


First of all you need to look deep inside yourself
6 small white non-scented candles
6 purchased on the 4th of July sparklers
6 small clear "glass" candle holders
Wet 1 large white pure- cotton hand towel


Make a wish come true. Its a secret. all you need to do is believe in yourself!

Spell Casting

6 days prior to making your wish, you need to start focusing on what it is your wishing for. On the 6th day at 4:00am, you'll need to already have items prepared as follows. Arrange 6 candle holders with candles inside. On top Aline the sparklers with the wick of the candles and insert them. light the candles first a chant x2:

"Wish, wish, please come true, or I will forever be blue!"


Then say to your self your wish 6 times. then light the 6 sparklers and chant x2:



"Thank you, thank you, thank you."



Then visualize your wish being true and at the same time put the wet towel over top of the sparklers and candles.
Gather all items in the wet towel wrap it up and bury it somewhere safe... and wish will come true!!!!

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