Headache Relief


You will need:

Glass of Full Moon Water

Lavender Scented Candle

1 teaspoon Lavender flowers

Clear quartz crystal


This spell is great for headaches!

Spell Casting

Dim the lights, light the candle and take a few moments with your eyes closed to center yourself. Boil a cup of full moon water, when it reaches a full boil, drop in the lavender flowers. Now inhale the steam and the healing aroma, as you do say:

“Flowers of purple, heal my head

I will not take to my bed

The pain will flee

O’ rising stream take the pain with thee.”

Strain the liquid into a nice mug and sit for a while sipping the tea. Let the warmth of the liquid seep into your body and calm your headache. When there is a sip left in the mug, put the crystal into the leftover liquid and say:

“Crystal Bright, Bring your shining Light

Take this pain to keep me sane

Right now I feel no mirth

Your power is from the Earth

Send this pain away and make my day!”

Remove the crystal and place it on your “third eye” (the area right between your eyebrows), lie down for a few minutes and let the crystal absorb the pain. When you are ready, take the crystal to the sink and wash it under running water and watch as your pain goes down the drain!

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