Automatic Writing spell


1 Writing tool (color doesn't care)
1 Piece of paper
1 Voice
1 Belief in magic
1 brown candle with a lime-covered and waxed red wick
1 Thing you can use to turn the candle on with fire
1 Night at fullmoon


This spell makes ANY writing tools write what you want it to by itself, only by telling what you want to be written, for example in a letter. And if you want to delete anything tell it and it disappear mysteriousley!

Spell Casting

Sit on, for example, a couch with a table in front of you, and place the piece of paper carefully at the table. And put the "writing tool" beside it. Place the brown candle in front of you but behind the paper so that the paper is the thing nearest you.

Then chant:
"Blessing of the knowledge of writing and art, bring me the power of fullmoon-spirits of Akator. Send me the blessings of all the countires and lands, and bring me the living pen in my hands."

Now say: What you want it to write and will begin to move up and write it by itself as if it was used by a hand.

Its best to do this OUTSIDE in the light of the fullmoon, but it can be cold and dark so bring a weak lamp, cause strong "unnatural" light distibrs this process. Rmbr that you wanna have warm clothes if you will go outside and do it. And if you're outside: Don't do it then its raining.
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