Become a Mermaid


Small bowl of water
Teaspoon of salt (used to pour in water)
Music (optional)
Objects representing elements
Salt to purify circle with
Something to create a circle with (could be anything like chalk, a rope, you can even put clothes around you to form a circle)
Earth Energy
Candles (optional)
Something to represent the elements


This spell will transform you into a mermaid whenever you Summon your tail. This spell is to be performed the night before a full moon. It takes a full day to work, so you should have your tail by the night of the full moon.

Spell Casting

First, cast a circle. If you do not know how to do this, then... Google it, I guess. Now remember, you don't need a candle to call in the quarters, you can use objects to represent each element like a feather for air, a rock for earth, a bowl of water for water or even a seashell, and a light or athame (a ceremonial double-edged dagger) for fire. Even a picture of a dragon or a piece of paper that is red would work for fire. If you are under the age of eighteen, this way is easier than lighting a bunch of candles in your room without your parent's permission. For spirit, you can use yourself or even a picture of the Goddess and God's symbols. They look kind of like this:
God- O(
After you've called in all of the quarters and invoked the God and Goddess (you can do this simply by saying: I invoke the Goddess and God into my circle. May you aid me in my magick tonight and may it harm none.), then you should take the bowl of water (all of your supplies needed in this spell should be set in the center of the circle) and pour the salt inside of it. Use your finger (or wand if you have one) to mix it in a clockwise direction three times while chanting:



"Poseidon, Poseidon, God of the sea
On this night before the full moon,
I ask you to aid me."



Now, hold both of your hands over the water and imagine a white light pouring from them into the water, filling it with power and energy. Chant five times:



"Gods of the sea, transform me.
By my will, when I want to change
May my feet bind together and may I exchange
The feet that have, for years, bound me
For a beautiful fish tail that belongs
in the sea.
I will exchange my lungs for gills
so that I may breathe no more
Make me a mermaid, my heart's desire,
Grant the dream I've been wishing for.
Twenty four hours after this transformation I've willed,
On the night of the full moon may my wish
Be fulfilled."



Now, drink the water that has been charged with your wish. If you cannot drink it all, then pour the remaining amount over your legs, but at least try to swallow a few sips. After it has been drunk, lay on your back on the floor with each arm and leg pointing to a different element. Now focus all of your energy to your legs. You can listen to some soft chants or music in the background if it helps you focus, just begin the music before so it will not break your circle.
Okay, after you're relaxed, begin channeling all of your energy into your legs and feet, imagine a beautiful tail forming (a color of your choice) moving up from your feet to your waist. After it has gotten to your waist, it stops, but the transformation is not yet complete. Imagine gills forming around your ribs or wherever you wish them to be, then imagine yourself, not as a boring human, but as something more: a beautiful, powerful mermaid. Imagine your inner mermaid breaking through your human exterior and completing the transformation. Feel the power of your wish and make it come true, just by believing that you can. Let this inner mermaid take over your body and banish the human part of you. After she/he has completely taken control of you, open your eyes. The transformation should be complete by the next night.

As a reminder, don't forget to draw up all of your energy from the earth. You can do this by lying on the floor and imagining roots flowing from you into the earth. Imagine energy being pulled up into those roots and into you, like a plant. You can then channel this energy into your legs and the water. It works better if you're energy is from the earth. This spell can be performed by boys, too. Okay, I hope this spell works for all of you. Blessed Be )O(
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