To catch A thief


1 Black Candle
A needle or nail.
Spider webs
A piece of paper with the stolen Items listed.


This spell is to catch a Theif. And you will be envoking hecate.

Spell Casting

If you know the name of the NAME of the thief ABSOLUTELY POSTIVE. Then inscribe their name(s) on The Black candle. With the needle or nail.

Coat the candle in Honey. then role it in old spider webs.

Write what was stolen on a piece of paper and set it under the candle.

Say the following-

mother of the night,
Ruler of the Moon.
Sweep your dark Skirits upon the one.
Who has stolen from me.
Turn your all seeing eye's.
Your burning Orbs of Wisdom.
To bring focus on the theif.
let no shred of darkness.
No amount of cover hide them
Come forth.
Great mother
of heavens and starry skies
bring your Justice.
trap the theif in the webs of their deciet.
And let them not rest.
And justice is served
So mote it be.

allow the candle to be burned competely

Burn the paper
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