Death Portal Creation


4 Stone pillars with carved runic symbols of death and dark
4 Onyx flat objects
A Cage symbol
A Necromantic staff( or 4, depending on the amount of helpers you have)
A casting platform


How to create a physical portal to the death kingdom.

Spell Casting

Set up the pillars in a square with their runes facing outwards and stick the onyx objects to the inside of the pillars so they are facing the staff in the middle and the four corners of the caging ritual´s drawings.

If you have helpers, (maximum is 3) then place them on the 3 spaces between the pillars that you don´t occupy and let them say:"Nos tribuo nostrum vox" as you say your spell.

If you are doing this alone, it is recommended that you are very powerful and have a previous experience with summoning and compulsion of the dead.

The words that you will have to say are: "Porta ut quis sileo subter supter astrum" while you stand on the platform. If you are powerful enough the platform will send the right amount of energy to the staff in the middle which will spread the energy to the pillars and activate the portal.
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