Develop Aerokinesis


Sugar and Salt
Pen & Paper
Big Mixing Bowl
Orange or Pink Candle


Develop aerokinesis 100% pill-medicine potion.

Spell Casting

Put the salt sprinkled in a circle aroung the mixing bowl.
And chant this spell to magick-bless it:



"This salt of my fault,
shall be set to de-fault.
So bless it be."




Now rub your finger aroun and aroung in the blessed salt. then pour some into the mixing bowl, and eat the other part of the rest of salt left.

Now were gonna magick-spell cast on the sugar to put an affect on it


"This sugar I guess,
shall be lugar,
So be blessed."



And mix the recipe items up with your finger or the bowl.
Then slowly drink it. After done drinking it, light the candle and chant "So mote it be" 10 times.
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