to become a satonist.


12 Black Candles
A Pen that writes BLACK
Custom Picture of Saton
A cross ripped in half (OF GOD)


you cannot ever go back

Spell Casting

Light ALL candles you needed and hold the cross, and insult it with your OWN evil spell. Then SMELL all the candles you have needed. Look at your CUSTOM picture of Saton. Pre-pray to Saton you wanna be a SATONIST. To prove to Saton, you must chant:
"Evil I see,
Evil, I wanna be,
Warship Saton,
once and for all,
grow back and be tall"
Then with the pen, draw a BIG BLACK pentacle picture on your FOUR-HEAD, HAND, AND BOTH LEGS.
"Then throw away the cross of God's...

Then a demon POPS-OUT and blows out ALL the candles symbolizing you are now a Satonist! If the demon may NOT pop up, blow out the candles yourself.

Time it might take for the Demon to enter:
10 Min; to 12 Min
A second; Min

Year Spell was used:

Tips and Side Affects:
Never say outside; In day
You may use a pentacle figure replacing the pic; Never drop pentacle if do
Donnot get cut; Donnot stay in Church so long; Donnot use any kinetic powers

Blood Drips everwhere (FROM YOU)

Many Cuts all over you; DONNOT GET CUT

Red Skin;Pale Skin;Yellow Skin;Fire Heat on you all time

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