6 Bay leaves - To Remove Negative Energy.
A Palm Full RoseMary - To Bring Love And Healing.
Dried Rose Petals - For Love.
1 Ivy leaf - Brings Protection as Well as Healing.
A Comfort Rune.
Matches And A Censer.


This spell allows the caster to feel comforted in times of hurt.

Spell Casting

Begin by Crushing your Bay Leaves and Dried Rose Petals and mixing it with the Rosemary. Put the herbs inside a Censer with the Ivy leaf sitting on top of them. Burn the herbs and inhale the scent.

Take the comfort Rune in both your hands and hold it to your heart. Relax and close your eyes and Visualize glowing hands reaching out and wiping away your tears from your face, Feel the warmth and comfort melting into your skin. Visualize warm arms embarrassing you, holding you, squeezing the hurt from your mind and heart.

Now Visualize your problems being taken away by the hands. Chant the following for as long as you want:

"I asked for comfort
And I found it within myself.
I will embrace the arms of warmth.
I will find comfort in this gloomy world.

Take the comfort rune and wear it as an Amulet, carry it in your pocket or keep in your purse or Wallet.
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