1. Enough sticks to make a small person.
2. Black or brown thread.
3. Necklace.


A charm that will guide good fortune in your life. With attention, it can bring power and structure of your soul. It will also subdue the misfortune, bad emotion, and subconscious stress into the charm and keep it there.

Spell Casting

Take a four inch stick and use it for the body. Place another three inch stick behind it so it looks like a cross. Those are the arms. Use the tread to tie the sticks together. Now use two two-inch sticks and tie them at the bottom for the legs. Make sure when you tie them you don’t bind the entire figure in sowing thread. Just make sure it is tied tightly and you are able to tell the shape.

Now set it in the garden from the beginning of dawn to dusk. When night time, take it and use s knife (Or some utensil to drill a small hole to fit the necklace in). Then when necklace is in tie it into a knot and there you have it. You’re Charm

Every month you need to go to a creek or some natural source and do the “Sarcophagus cleansing ritual" in our rituals list.
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