Book Seal


A page from your BoS.


Spell to protect your BoS from unwanted eyes.

Spell Casting

Write the following on the front page of your Book of Shadows (BoS) or any other book you wish to keep out of unwanted hands. Make sure it is centered on the page and observe the spelling words are capitalized for a reason.

"In the names of An Dagda, the All-Father, the First Priest, King of the Tuatha De Danaan, and of Bride, The Queen of All Arts, and Mother of Bards, Healers, and Smiths, and of All Other Divinities of Wisdom, Art, and Science;

A druidic spell is hereby placed upon all who read these words! If you should steal this book or borrow it and return it not to its rightful owner, or if you should use this book or any rite or spell that would injure or enslave an innocent person, or cause harm to mother earth, then shall all your tools and weapons turn against you. All beauty and joy will depart from  your life. All your cunning avail you naught. You will experience sorrow and despair till you have made a full restitution for your crime".
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