Lilth Seduction Spell


3 red candles
Black rose petals*
Musk Oil (synthetic)


Use Lilth's help to become the sexy fiend to attract any gender you want. *For women only*

Spell Casting

Cast the circle with rose petals. *note: if you can't find black roses, get violent or red ones, real ones only*

Light the candles and invoke Lilith, saying,

"Lilith, the succubus who seduces everyone into her power, I ask you to help me attract men from this hour."

Then say the spell when putting on the musk that is synthetic,

Lilith, the goddess of seductive feminine powers, please grant me the powers, to attract the sex in this hour in ease. So mote it be.

Thank Lilith and snuff out the candles, disposing of the rose petals by burying them
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