Levitate with Gravity (Objects)


Danger or Calm Relaxed
Fingers in Peace Sign symbol


Now, you might be able to levitate yourself....I doubt it. This spell is more for making light or heavy objects leitate. This is a rare spell. i only use it when I am in danger...

Spell Casting

Take your pecae sign symbol fingers and lay it under the object(s) that will be levitated. Feel that object's(s) energy. Imagine your finger melting into its surface. Remove your finger, now you just embraced it. Now, imagine it as a part of your body to use as an arm. Say:

"Feather's Weight,
I wish to feit.
Levitate Now,
I wish in how."

Think hard that it firmly is a danger block...Imediatly quit thinking. Watch it levitate...

*You donnot have to say the spell if you think extra hard...
I only use this firmly when im in danger
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