Mental Combat spell 1-durza


Your mind
Targets mind
Some experience in manipulating energy (any kind psi,ki,mana ect.
Minimal mind disipline-concentration


To attack someones defended mind. (Don't bother if their mind isnt defended, this is to shatter a mind-defense. If target has not trained accordingly and/or isnt physic they will not notice this.

Spell Casting

Gather energy and bring it into your mind. Mold it into a spear. (A simple spear not a fancy piece of art) Put a lot of energy in to it. Now throw it out of your mind through your third eye chakra (3rd eye does not have to be developed, but it helps a little) and see it hit targets mental armor. If you do not see it shatter in mindseye keep trying or try the other methodsI will soon list. (depending on when you do this defines soon.
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