Sigil Magic


Writing Utensil
Candle (optional)


Different way of creating sigils.

Spell Casting

Instead of just letting the pen/pencil/whatever just do whatever, be more specific. Think about what you want, put it into a sentance; writing it down may help in a minute. For example, if the goal is to achieve second sight, put it into a positive statement of will such as:



"I will see auras."



Or whatever.
Next (this is the part where writing the sentance previously might be helpfu), take all the letters from that sentance and eliminate ones that repeat, so that it looks something like this:






Now take the remaining letters and become one contiguous thing, more like a picture. And there's your sigil.
After drawing the Sigil, concentrate on it; commit it to memory. Now destroy it (burn it, reduce it to a mushy pulp with water, whatever- be creative). Once the sigil is in your mind, it's there whether you think about it or not, so it'll do its job if you work with it. Just like anything else; a sigil can't help you if you just sit there and wait for something to happen- it can only work alongside you.
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