Detonating Vail


Complete focus
Preferred to be done outside
A peice of cloth, or something to cover things completely Like a vail


Summon a vail of dark energy that literally explodes when detinated by your mind.

Spell Casting

To do this you need to have be able to have total focus, and its perfered to be done outside since the dark energy does explode and cause wide spread damage. Ok now to creat the dark vail place the cloth or whatever your using as your vail, in the darkest area around you, then just focus on moving as much dark energy as possible(the amount of dark energy effects the range of the explosion) into your vail, then your ready to test it out. Just place the vail over something u want destroyed and focus your mind on the energy in the vail and picture it exploding(you should stand some distance from the vail before detinating it.)
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