Anti-Nightmare spell


1 white candle ( as small as possible);
1 metal bowl or candle holder of some kind;
1 scissors/ knife;
1 mirror.


This spell is from my granny's book

Spell Casting

NOTE:This spell might be dangerous one if you are not cautious enough...

First of all, light the little white candle near your bed placed in the bowl or something safe to put the candle in, (because you are going to sleep after all-i don't want to get you burned :) ) Than put the scissors under your pillow...the mirror as well.

Pick items as small as possible or it would be a real massacre in the morning.

When you lay down on your bed and place your head on the pillow, turn your head towards the light of the candle and just welcome your dream knowing that this time it won't be a nightmare... Why?

The white candle is for enlightening the path to your good dreams and cast the evil that surrounds you when you go to sleep.

The mirror is placed under the pillow because of the demons that hunt the "sleepers", those night creatures are followers of Mara (mythical being who torments people in their sleep [Mara has many names in other cultures, aka: Mare, Mahr, Mora and lots and lots...]) The mirror will trap the demon and the knife or the scissors will not allow it to touch you...
In the morning don't forget to place the items near open window and if it is a sunny morning...even better let the sun light clear them.

Do this spell as much as you think it's necessary..

Hope it will help to destroy your dream demons...
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