Spell to Speed Up the Growth Rate of a Plant


1.) Your voice

2.) Your willpower

3.) Your focus/concentration


This is a Spell to speed up the growth rate of any given plant sort of in a thought-form; you ultimately project a thought-form that is set to speed up the growth of your plant.

Spell Casting

1.) Place your Projective (dominant) hand over the area where the plant's root should be.

2.) Close your eyes and visualize the plant growing extremely fast so as that the plant looks as if no time was needed for it to grow.

3.) Then say this Spell:

[i][b]"In my dear mind, it is I do see,
This plant which grows at a rate extreme.
Bring my thought-form to(day/night) to life,
And assume the role of my desire without strife!"[/b][/i]

Be patient for your plant will grow at a faster rate in no time.
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