Grow Wings


2 small dawn feathers
1 sturdy feather
rain water
being a blue-aura
rain water
7 candles
a pot to boil stuff in
a small container


I dont know how long it'll take. It came to my friend in a vision. And by the way the (_) means it has to come from YOU. And the (...) is your wingspan. (take your weight. Add 1 ft every 5 pounds)

Spell Casting

When you take a bath, turn out the lights so you are enveloped in darkness. Set the candles (but do not light) around you in either a circle or semi-circle. Concentrate on what you want to happen; to grow wings. You have to imagine so vividly you can practically feel the wind through your feathers.

2) Open your eyes and place the two down feathers in the water in front of you in the dim room. Hold one hand over each.

3) With your eyes open and your hands in position, go into a very still day dream like state and imagine you are flying.

4) When you reach a subconscious state, light each candle when you say the elements the first time and recite:



“Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Sun, Moon:


"I call you to me in my (circle/crescent) I hold a wish I cherish higher than the moon. I wish to fly above ye Earth; I wish to soar in your Air; I wish to spread my wings and fly above Fire; And I wish to flutter above ye Water. I wish more than Spirit flight; I wish to truly fly under the Sun; And under your Moon” Now lift the wing feather and hold it over your heart. “Make my wishes true. I hold a feather to my heart because it came from a bird I envy. With wings of (_) it soars make me like this bird; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Sun, and moon, allow wings strong enough to carry me and yet stay hidden when I close them to my back. Human and bird in one bound to my Spirit. I offer to you, whom ever may make my wish true that I will be forever loyal to you for giving me wings of your hawks and birds to fly with them and remain human at the same time. Like an angel. Thankyou.” Now sprinkle the salt around you in a circle, and improvise."



Your words have to come from you as you praise and give reasons for granting your wish and continue speaking. It should come soundly to an end when you run out if salt. Then dowse each candle with rain water as you release each element. “Earth I release you from my (_) in hopes you will spell me high into the air like a bird. Air I release you from my (_) in hopes you will catch me and hold me close to you. Fire I release you from my (_) in hopes you will use your heat to bring me aid in my goal and not pain. Water I release you from my (_) in hopes you will cleanse my sole to make it light enough to fly. Spirit I release you from my (_) in hopes you will make your being physical so I can fly in mind and body. Sun I release you from my (_) in hopes you will help me fly to you in the day with wings of (colour of feather). Moon I release you from my (_) in hopes you help me fly towards you in the Night with wings of (...) I release all elements and pray you bring me my wish!” you should have rain water left. What you do now is mix the rain water with some of the bath water( that has the salt) and boil it with the down feathers. it should come out as a weird soupy thing. (NO DON’T EAT IT!!) smear some on your back between your shoulder blades. You then must wait 29.5 hours before washing it off. And then wash it RIGHT AT 29.5 HOURS!! with the rest of the mixture put it in a very small tube and carry it around with you until your wings grow. also carry the wing feather; maybe poke a thread through the tip and carry it around on a necklace. DO NOT TAKE IT OFF. They won’t grow all at once; it will take time. I’d wait 1 moon before giving up and going to try something else.
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