Summon a Succubus


Ability to have sex


Call a succubus to fulfill your sexual desires.

Spell Casting

Perferably at night, lay flat on your back (on a bed or not your choice) picture how you want the succubus to look when she appears, then picture yourself having sex with her once you begin to feel yourself reaching an orgasm focus all that energy into a burst of spiritual energy this will not only make you feel it but the succubus you pictured as well, she will most likely appear the following night in the same as you were in when you called her.

Warning: Once you call a succubus they may not want to leave +they don't normally wear clothes at all, so if you have someone that lives with you and you dont want them to know do not do this spell, also just like humans a succubus can get pregnant, but she may not want to use any form of protection.
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