Desire Me


Love for that someone
Dandelion rose or daisy optional


Got someone you really like and they dont know you exist. Well this spell makes him/her desire you the way you want. I garentee it works 100%.

Spell Casting

Think of you and him together; laughing and holding hands, etc. Now imagine him at night in his bed sleeping, rocking himself from one side of the bed to the other smiling, saying your name over and over. Imagine him suddenly alone in a dessert. He is sitting on the ground, then suddenly he says your name out loud. Suddenly the dessert turns into a lovely garden and in the middle of it is yourself glowing like the sun.

Imagine him running to you with longing in his face. When he reaches you, imagine him kissing you lovingly. If you want the person to desire you completely, and have him to have more then just a huge crush, imagine him doing lots off stuff like you being the center of his universe etc.

Now chant this spell with flowers in hand:

"Earth fire water air make him love me forever fair. may (guys name) desire me night and when im close or far away. Oh blessed be, make him love me and think of me forever more. he must dream of me when hes asleep think of me when hes awake. Love me desire me to no expire. Earth fire water air answer my loving prayer. You must be mine. He will be mine desire me (guys name) desire me!"
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