A protection against hellish creatures


2 black pentagrams
1 red inverted pentagram
3 blue candles
1 red candle
1 dry moss(burnable)
6 damp moss(smolder)
1 bowl
1 match
1 icecube
1 bottle of water(empty)
kindling-helps burn
dragons blood(tsp) olive oil, cinnamon


repels dark creatures by bringing some to your aid

Spell Casting

Light the candles. Drop kindling in the bowl, and envision your aura. place some power in the damp moss. burn dry moss and kindling. sprinkle some ashes on the damp moss. hold damp moss up to the candle until it smokes. chant" Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Nature, Ice, Creatures of myth, lend me your power, lend your strength. Come to me when i shout your names, So Mote It Be." put all ingredients in bottle,burn the bottle, let the wind blow some ashes away,sprinkle some in a garden, leave some, throw rest in water. arrange as shown below.

moss candle moss
red inverted
moss candle moss red candle(in middle) moss candle moss
pentagram pentagram

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