Warn Against Negativity


You will need something you can wear: ring, earings, bracelet, necklace, etc.
Your Voice


This spell will warn you when negativity is near

Spell Casting

Hold the item tightly & Charge it with your power, and the power of light.



"Depressed souls, evil beings, who live to grieve, who take all bad, who rids the good, who tastes wrong, let it be known! In heart of matter, fill your holder with warmest heat, heat but not burn, so the holder will be warned."


Chant this as many times as you like, until you feel it is right.

EXTRA: I personally, let my ring sit in the sunlight all day (moonlight would work too) and then I blessed & consecrated it.

Depending on how much power & energy you put into it, I would suggest that every 3 - 6 months you recast. And when recasting I would really suggest you cleanse your object before recasting.

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