Become Psychic in 2 Hours


Strong and Clear Voice
100% Focused
Believe to be Psychic
Imagining (GOOD)
Purple Candle


Well, you get realy I meen realy psychic (si-kick) in 2 hours!

Spell Casting

Okay, first imagine that you have awsome psychic powers you love (si-kick). Now say:

"Psychic, Psychic, Come to me.
Psychic, Psychic, I will be.
Psychic, Psychic, let it be.
Psychic, Psychic, tell me what
it shall be. Psychic, Psychic,
Psychic, So Mote It Be!

O yea, light the candle and say that a few more times then 10times. It worx. I developed it!
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