Make a Wand


Fresh cut willow stick(about 3 feet long)
Course grain sand paper
Fine grain sand paper
Ribbons(red,green,blue,indigo and violet
Medium sized quartz crystal
Copper wire
Waning moon


It's a way that you can make a magick wand.

Spell Casting

1) Cut a willow branch. on the waning moon cut a 3 foot branch from the tree. make sure that it is either in your property or you have permission or otherwise you begin the proccess with a crime which will taint the result.

2)Remove the bark from the stick in thin strips.sand the willow stick down with the course sandpaper. Allow the wand to rest and dry.

3) Sand again. Using the fine sandpaper sand the willow until the branch is completely smooth.

4) Gather the rest of the supplies. You will need glue,ribbons,medium sized quartz crystal, and the copper wire.

5) Glue the strips of ribbon to the wand in the colors of the rainbow. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.) Wrap the ribbons around the wand in any pattern you decide while working your way to the bottom of the wand.tie the ribbon off and put a bead of glue in place to hold it.

6) Attach the quartz to the top of the wand by using the copper wire. Start by wrapping the quartz tightly then firmly hold the quartz against the top of the wand and wrap the wire tightly to the willow.

Decorate the wand with herbs,seashells, or other natural elements for increased power.
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