Heart be Healed


White candle
Pink candle
Picture of you
Picture of your ex
White ribbon
Pink ribbon


This spell helps you get over your ex.

Spell Casting

1) Place your picture under the white candle and picture of them under the pink candle and put them in front of you slightly apart.
2) Use the ribbons to ‘join’ the pictures together (this represents your love).
3) Light the candles.
4) Say the following as you are moving the pictures away from each other so that the white ribbon, candle and picture and moving away to your left and the pink candle, ribbon and picture of your ex are moving to your right (this represents your love for them going away)


"My heart is broken, it needs to heal
I separate the love that I still feel
Heal my heart help me move on
When the candles go out my love will be gone."



Blow out the candles.

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