Luck and Wishing


White Candle
Green aventurine crystal
Piece of paper


This spell calls upon lady luck to grant you luck and a wish. this wish can be anything from getting money, new job, new relatioship etc. It is best performed outside, in the light of the full moon.

Spell Casting

Write down your wish on the paper and place in front of you. Light the candle. Hold the crystal in your hands and meditate for a few minutes on what you want to wish for. When you are fully relaxed and centred say the following:



"Lady luck bless me with your power
grant me luck within the hour.
Simple wish is all I ask
lady luck aid me in my task."

"Magic spell will be cast
with your power make it last
in this hour, on this night
bless me with all your might."



Carry round the crystal wrapped in the piece of paper and luck will be attracted to you.
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